Onelink Global

We are a vertically integrated chemical and equipment company serving the Caribbean Islands and Mexico. Bringing to market the safest, most effective and cost competitive institutional cleaning products, technologies, and programs, with the best service and support the industry has to offer. We are committed as an organization to the most sustainable business practices possible. All OLG products and programs are designed to improve operations, lower carbon footprint and create a safer work and living environment for individuals.

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Discover Our Eco-Chemistry

OLG VISION has always been focused on what we can do for the good of mankind, in disinfecting, sanitizing and in healthcare. A MISSION as pure as our formulas, we have set a goal to make a lasting and positive impact in daily operations, health, lifestyle, and sanitization practices.


OLG Smart Chemicals

OLG Smart Chemical products represent an EPA Award winning Green chemistry program. We carry a broad range of detergents, sanitizers, and disinfectants for all institutional industries and sectors. Hospitality, Food Service, Education, Healthcare, and more.

Our national sales force and ServSafe Certified technicians are available 24 hours a day. No more chemical shortages or dishwashing disasters!


PurityPROTM – Natural Disinfectant

OLG’s proprietary disinfection product line known as PurityPRO is non-toxic, non-corrosive, safe for humans, and can kills 99.9% of  bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19.

Our formulations never contain additives, buffers, or preservatives, and remain free of alcohol, oil, parabens, sulfates, or added fragrance  — The power is in our purity.

Our Partners



The patented EcoBurner system is a SAFER, CLEANER, and GREENER alternative to existing gel & wick chafing fuel products on the market today. We believe that using single-use gel or wick chafing fuel pots has no place in the modern hospitality environment and we are striving to provide safe, stylish and sustainable systems for buffet presentations.



The only fully automated touch-free hand washing stations in the world. Ensure hand hygiene and eliminate cross contamination risk with CleanTech®— clinically proven to remove more than 99.9% of dangerous pathogens with each 12-second hand wash.


Vero Water

Leading provider of premium still and sparkling water to the hospitality industry, enabling clients to serve exceptionally great tasting still and sparkling water – on site and on demand – swiftly, profitably and sustainably.

Onelink Global team Accomplishments

OLG passion comes from our effort to inspire positive change and achievement in people, products, and the environment. OLG is a sustainably linked, solutions company. Our achievements are the results of working with like minded great people, companies, and communities.

As of Q3-2022 OLG Sustainability Achievements:


Carbon Emission (Co2) savings in tons*


Number of 500ml Plastic Water Bottles Saved*


Pounds of plastic waste saved*

*Figures are calculated based on OLG Products and Programs that include implementing OLG Smart Chemicals, Vero Water system, Ecoburner, and ECA technology. All figures are based on monthly reports per program. General formulas are used to calculate figures and may or may not be 100% accurate. OLG deems all information to be true and correct.