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OneLink Globe provides our clients with efficient, reliable, sustainable and safe for the environment Complete Green Cleaning Systems and Programs
Our green chemical program includes a full line of proportioners and dispensers to our customers to ensure an efficient operation. It also allows the staff to properly dilute and dispense our concentrated green chemical line, thus enhancing a better chemical performance, a time & labor savings and an improved employee safety. OneLink Global offers service and mechanical parts on all dispensing equipment for the duration of the program.
OneLink Global can install and service any type of commercial dishwasher. We are currently certified technicians of ADS (American Dish Service). If you purchase a unit through us, you don’t have to worry about hiring another company to do the service, with us you have the solution to each one of your problems.

WHAT IS: Program OLG Green Clean

Our OLG team will design and execute the OLG Green Clean program. This program involves offering advice, guidance and custom collaboration with our clients to implement a complete turn-key efficient Cleaning operation. Our programs include, ECA technology, Green Chemicals, service, training and tailored solutions for the clients specific needs.
We will strive to assure that our clients’ needs are met and the daily production goals are achieved. Each client will have its own OLG Green Clean Program created specifically to supply the client’s needs:


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