OLG offers industry leading expertise, an award winning green chemical program and

technologies combined with personalized Cleaning, Training and Service programs.

Our customized cleaning systems offers a safe, environmentally responsible and easy way to solve all your cleaning and sanitation needs that are specifically tailored to your industry. Using OLG’s biodegradable products reduces your companies carbon footprint and creates the necessary Eco-friendly consciousness inside your institution. Our solutions are cost effective, easy to use and completely green.



Hospitality Industry

Guest satisfaction is the most important feature within the hospitality industry, recent studies show that the guests not only appreciate the cleanliness and sanitation of the facilities but they are also valuing the use of green and sustainable products in such activities. Being green and environmentally responsible has become an essential factor in the hospitality industry and in the brand recognition. Our complete green line of products offers everything you need to satisfy the housekeeping, kitchen and laundry needs. Go Green.


Building Maintenance

Protect the health of your employees, reduce your chemical costs, simplify your process and increase the overall productivity of your business with our OLG program and our Green chemical line. OneLink Global offers the most versatile and broad line of Green products that will help you clean, polish, deodorize and sanitize any building or facility you are in charge of.


Educational Institutions

There is nothing more important than the health of our future generations. We should avoid the daily use of corrosive and hard chemicals in our schools, libraries and universities, this way we protect the students and the staff. Our OLG Program will help you reduce the cost related to the cleaning activities, increase the productivity and protect the health of all the people that are involved in your institution. In summary, it will make your institution an environmentally preferable place, what better example for our future generation.


Transportation Industry

Keep your transportation operations running efficiently, OLG offers everything you need for the cleaning and maintenance of your fleet, our program includes interior and exterior vehicle washes that would keep your clients happy and your workers healthier and more productive. Our complete line of green chemicals and technologies is capable of satisfying all the needs of the different types of transportation industries: Air, Land, Sea and Railroad transportation.



Our complete line of Green and biodegradable products offers what your healthcare facility needs: reduction in the toxic and hazardous substances, elimination of bad odors and smells, all while killing the bacteria and viruses that generate inside this type of establishments. What better recipe for a healthcare facility than a free germ and bacteria center with reduction of your costs, increase in your productivity and reduction of your carbon footprint.


Manufacturing Industries

We offer the most complete green chemical line in the market, capable of solving any specific need that your industry has. Our products and technologies offer a simple, safe and economic alternative to traditional hazardous chemicals. Our OLG program allows a controlled use of chemicals, while providing the right concentration to solve your various needs, improving your overall efficiency, employee safety and reducing your costs.


Food and Beverage Processing

OLG helps your food and beverage processing plant comply with all the local regulatory laws of hygiene and sanitation, while also helping you identify cost reduction opportunities, increase in productivity and sustainable plans for your company. Our OLG program is designed to offer integrated solutions in all the aspects that relate to food safety, incorporating initiatives of sustainable development to your brand.