Who is  OneLink Global

OneLink Global was established with the aim of providing professional turn-key cleaning solutions. Our solutions combine ecologically green technology with an Award winning Green Chemical Program.

OneLink Global is devoted to the highest quality and service standards in the industry. Hence the reason we have an alliance with and are the exclusive Distributors of EcoLogic Solutions.

Our 5 Point Plan was designed to act as a guide and goal benchmark to ensure we offer our clients the best possible proposal for a complete turn-key cleaning solution. OneLink Global accomplishes this by incorporating cost savings, simplified process, quality products, training & service and Going Green into the proposal. Inquire today for a free no-obligation, Product & Cost Report for your facility.

Who is  EcoLogic Solutions?

EcoLogic Solutions brings to market the safest, most effective and cost competitive institutional cleaning products, technologies and programs, with the best service and support the industry has to offer. We are committed as an organization to the most sustainable business practices possible.

EcoLogic Solutions full range of products and technologies help our customers enhance cleaning, save on costs compared to our toxic counterparts, “green” their operations, and improve employee health. This includes game-changing technology called Electro Chemical Activation (ECA), which allows users to make their own cleaners and sanitizers, on site, using only tap water, salt, and small doses of electricity




Our Products

Here is a selection of our broad variety


Introduction to ECA technology

Our Game-changing Electro Chemical Activated (ECA )Technology allows users to make their own Sanitizer, detergent and disinfectant on site and on demand using only water, salt and electricity.




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